Search Services

patent search

Through its internal database, Published Patents Data Center, Abu Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) is pleased to offer a patent search service in Bahrain. 

The patent search covers all accepted/granted patents published in Bahrain, noting that the report does not cover any pending applications, opposition cases, assignments, etc.
The search is extending continuously by using high sophisticated strategies covering the following fields: 
     Names (applicant, Inventor (s))
     Numbers (publication / application / priority)
     Dates (publication / application / priority)
     Patent families

Our Charges for conducting a patent search are (150 USD) per working hour, 
Total working hours depend on the upcoming search request 

Our charges shall cover providing you with the following (for any cited result):
·         Publication Number and Date
·         Application Number and Date
·         Priority Number, Date and Country
·         Applicant's Name
·         Inventor (s)
·         Title
·         Abstract 
Time required to provide you with the patent search report shall be determined upon receiving the search request.